React Conditional Rendering

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·Sep 21, 2022·

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React Conditional Rendering
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Table of contents

  • What is conditional rendering in React?
  • When you use the ‘&&‘?
  • When you use a ternary?

What is conditional rendering in React?

Conditional rendering is a key concept in React since it allows you to display some components or elements that depend on a specific condition.

When you use the ‘&&‘?

What’s on the right side of this sign is what you want to display or achieve and what’s on the left side is the condition you put to evaluate. If this condition is truthy, the right side will be executed.

When you use a ternary?

When you have two or more options you want to display, you can use the ternary operator to nest more conditions. However, for code readability, you should stick with two options.. If you find yourself needing to put more than two conditions, you should use the ‘if...else’ statement or ‘switch’.

Please note that this ternary can happen inside your function’s return, while the ‘if … else’ statement needs to go outside of the return in your function.

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