What Are the Best Web Browser Apps for Your Smart TV?

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Introduction: A Brief Introduction to Web Browsers and Why They Matter

Web browsers are the primary tool for accessing the internet and they have been evolving over time. The first web browser was named Mosaic and it was released in 1993. It had a graphical user interface, which made it easier to use than previous text-based browsers. In 1995, Netscape Navigator was released, which became the most popular browser of the 1990s. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer came out in 1995 as well and quickly became a strong competitor to Netscape's Navigator.

In 1996, Apple launched its own browser called Safari for Macintosh computers. Mozilla Firefox came out in 2002 and quickly gained popularity because of its open-source nature and faster speed than other browsers at that time. Google Chrome was released in 2008 with an emphasis on speed, security, and simplicity.

TV’s best browsers are a necessity for people who want to use their TV as an all-in-one entertainment system. There are many web browsers available for smart TVs, we collect some of the popular web browser and the best smart tv web browsers in this list:

How to browse the Internet safely Using Your Smart TV

The TV web browser should secure the web pages for you. One of the things you need to do is to set up your privacy settings for websites that you visit. You can also use a VPN service in order to protect your identity and data from being stolen by hackers.

1) Google Chrome


One of the popular web browser is the Google Chrome browser, hosted by Android, is fast, user-friendly and secure - all at the same time. Not only does it provide personalised news articles for you to read, but it also provides a range of handy interactions as well as google translation and google play store is built in.

2) Puffin TV Browser


TV browser with a built-in ad blocker that lets you browse the web faster. This is a free trial option. Ads will only be served and quotas enforced during this period. Read the terms and conditions before you sign-up for a paid subscription.

TV Browser is an app designed for TVs like Sony and Panasonic. It provides a smart all in one interface - UI with a lot of smart features. Puffin TV Browser delivers the fastest page load using its JavaScript engine. It renders webpages so quickly that it's likely to impress you.

3) Opera


One of the safest web browsers for Android TVs is Opera. It supports some features on the TV, but in order to use it you would need to install it off of a third-party source.

When you use the remote controller app, you'll be able to access its features such as speed dial and offline pages. Opera has the best support for blocking ads and will load pages quickly.

4) Brave


Brave is one of the favourite browsers working with Android, and the good news that you actually can use it for Android TV. There’s an official way to do this and before you get started, make sure your tvOS version is up-to-date. Brave app also gives you the privacy you want which is called the Brave Search, where you can search privately without any tracking issues.

5) Open Browser

It delivers a superb web browsing experience to over 200 countries and regions since its birth. You can find the “Open Browser” browser on your Android TV, which will allow you to stream videos and music smoothly. It is one of the fastest browsers on high-end Android television sets, and features a speedy page loading process that makes it easy to browse the Internet.

6) Samsung Internet Browser


If you have a Samsung Phone and watch, then you can sync with your smart TV. It also offers advanced features like video assistant, adding extensions, privacy mode, and secret downloads. The browser also has the dark mode.

7) Mozilla Firefox


Users can use it across different platforms. The Mozilla network guarantees that your devices have the latest updates, and your data is synced across all devices using the same browser, no matter what device you're on.

It also has a really nice integration with social media sites like Facebook. So you can stay up-to-date with your favourite posts. Smart customization tools allow users to tailor their browsing experience.

8) TV Bro


One of the best things about having this browser is that you can easily watch live sports events and new movies from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a VPN installed. it works great for commuters and other people who use the Internet when they would otherwise have nothing to do.

It is compatible with Plex Media Server, Roku or Chromecast and all major media servers.

9) DuckDuckGo Browser


This Smart TV browser lets you use your regular keyboard and mouse from your TV to go to any website you want. When you have Amazon Alexa devices you can use it for a voice control. The whole family can surf & stream with ease and it's all for free.

10) Amazon Silk Browser for Smart TV


You can watch all of your favorite shows, movies, and live television channels without subscribing to expensive services. Amazon sells a Fire Stick with their app pre-installed in it. This browser is optimized to work well with amazon prime video and the streaming services like Netflix and HULU.

The best thing about this browser is that it will never buffer when streaming videos, allowing you to watch your favorite shows without having to wait or interruptions.

Conclusion: How To Find the Best Choice, Best Web Browsers with Best Options Between All These Popular Browsers

When installing a browser on your Smart TV, make sure it is compatible, meaning what can work with Samsung tv might not work with Sony tvs. You also need to feel the ease of use experience while installing and using the app. The best experience app is the one with the great features and best performance.

Some great features you need to lookout for: favorite search engines, social media, night mode, simple interface, incognito mode, high contrast mode qr code, voice commands, voice search, download manager, and some pre-installed app with more add-on features.

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